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Hello and Welcome to my site.
    Building and maintaining a website is ,to me, a work intensive job. I do not regret getting into the internet marketing scene and I have learned a great deal from the experience.  My first year or two was taken up with actually learning to distinguish between the scam artist and real people who were honestly trying to promote good ,solid,ideas or merchandise. There is a very old saying"If it sounds too good to be true it probably is." The promise of Retire in 90 days""Guaranteed""I didn't fall for this one but I was caught by many who were more subtle. Mostly the big Guru names who put out a seemly good site with the idea you could earn money. These are the ones who cost me the most money and NO return. To date after four plus years I still have not cracked  the money scene on a regular basis but I am gaining.
     I have gone the route of building websites and all the kindred ideas.I found some good sites which offered free websites and all you had to do was build your site. Easy? Yes but you needed to know HTML,Formatting,Layout, Designing and a myriad of other subtleties. This is a long and convolated search for the different parts to achieve a semblence of professionalism. Personaly I happened on Homestead by Inuit. A full service site builder and hosting company. They have an excellent staff who try their best to care for what ever is your need or complaint.
  Of the ten or twelve sites I have tried this is the most useful
I have found. They are in between the free and the over-priced
site builders.All of my sites are built by using Homestead and I
am quite happy with their performance.

Build a Professional Looking Website with Homestead.com.
1.There are a host of DISHONEST purveyors on the Internet. Use great care when contemplating signing up for a get rich NOW            Scheme. As I mentioned above "If it seems too good to be true ,it probably Is."

2.Look at  many sites like the one you are considering and compare . Usually the bad ones will stand out.

3.There is NO such thing as an Honest get rich quick  site . Period!

4.As soon as I encounter an opening page  that runs on and on I get Suspicious. I have encountered some sites that have 20 or 30        pages as their opening page.

5.Building a downline. A downline is made up of people who sign on to your site or Blog to get E-mail from you. The idea being they
    will read your mail and buy what you are selling. A great theory but I have yet to find a key that does this.

6.There are several schemes which have what is called "Matrix" or some similar name. The idea is you get people to sign up under
    you in this ?scheme and you earn money from the ones who join and PAY for what ever is the subject of the matrix. Stay away!

7.Allied with No 7 is the Ponsi scheme. It takes your money and pays someone who signed up before you.It can only work as long
    as there is new people joining constantly.

8.To gain some traffic and learn a lot about how people finagle to screw you out of your money. Join Linkreferral.com.
    I use them daily and when I review some sites the character of the owners rises up like a cobra ready to strike. Marginal sites  
    owners take umbrage at not getting a glowing review and can't accept an honest one. A great lesson in discipline and

9.Always be honest and time will join you to other people of the same philosophy.Social networking is nice for peope who like to           chat but again apply all of above.
Following is some ideas that may help you avoid the pitfalls.
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